My editorial work on sacrebleu magazine is out!!! Thank you sacrebleu magazine for trusting me to have a total control over the shoot!

Everything happened in 10 days from the day I was asked to do 10 pages editorial until the photo shoot! Since I was already in Tokyo for my personal styling work, I wanted to do super Japanese shoot.

More I travel, more I see different side of Tokyo and its beauty. My favorite part of Tokyo is small street that keeps old style and my team interpreted my imagination so perfectly by capturing the contrast of old part of Tokyo with edgy style. We started shooting from 11pm and finally ended at 2pm next day. I don’t even remember when is the last time I stayed up all night but for sure this is the most memorable all nighter of all! lol

Many thanks to all the designers who gave me a chance to express my imagination through their world!

Pick up your copy from the sacrebleu magazine website or at the store in NY, London, and Paris!