Chiyoko Takada (CEO)

Chiyoko was born in Tokyo but lived abroad half of her life from Northern America to South East Asia. She graduated from California State University and worked at GE as a Financial Analyst based in Tokyo and Singapore then moved on to Sales & Marketing role for start up company. After her corporate world experiences, she decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dream.

She studied personal styling & fashion in Tokyo and Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design in London. She has been regularly attending Fashion Week and introducing designers to her clients.

She has been producing her clients to reconnect themselves through fashion by identifying their “own style”.

~ Beatitudo ~

“Beatitudo” means supreme happiness, blessedness, or a blessed condition in Latin.

Chiyoko founded Beatitudo to share “happiness” of being alive and appreciate everything we have. As a personal stylist (your stylist) and life style consultant, we would like to discover each client’s “happiness” through fashion.

Let’s have more moment of “happiness”.

Beatitudo is embracing the individual world, your world. We ensure that our clients can feel comfortable and confident of themselves through our service. We will not make you wear something you don’t want to wear and we may not even introduce super trendy style if it doesn’t embrace you.

Our mission is to recognize and acknowledge each client’s own charm and sparkle to welcome “new you”.

From our styling experience, our clients will gain not only self-confidence but also compliments from others.